oh Mondays...

... I am not a fan of Mondays. Just one of those days when I can't quite get myself to smile. No I am not sad, I am just a sleepy girl.

This weekend was a much needed break. I love having a snow day (without the snow). I stayed in and made crafts. Saturday I made this recipe (learned a lot) and then mom and I did some wedding stuff and then again had another lazy day of craft making.

Paul loves UFC so Saturday we went to see the UFC fight at Buffalo Wild Wings. I go for the wings (honey BBQ) and the conversation (even though once the fights start at 9, the boys eyes are only on the TV).

Sunday of course was the Super Bowl. I made these cookies and these pizza rolls. I think the pizza rolls were a big hit. All I watch are the commercials, I was going for Green Bay (my dad was born in Wisconsin and I love their colors), but all watch are the commercials. My favorite was the Darth Vadar one, I love how shocked the kid gets.

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