Our love story (part 1)

Because February is the month of Valentine's day and love, I decided to write down the story of my fiance and I! I am going to do it in multiple parts so I hope all of you will stay with me.

It started in 2008 after I graduated from Baylor and moved back to my hometown. My friend was getting married in July so I wanted to start working out a lot more (and I didn't have a job so I had nothing else to do) and get in shape.

I signed up at a local gym to start working out and getting in shape for the wedding. I saw some old friends there from high school and would talk to them when I went in the gym.

A few months had passed and I noticed another guy with really puffy hair that was always with them. Finally after much stalking (from his side), our mutual friend introduced us. We began talking every now and then while at the gym.

But the first time we actually hung out outside of the gym was over the week of Thanksgiving. Me and some friends went out to some local bars and the second one we went to, there he was! He was with some of the friends from the gym.

After that night, we never really saw each other. I injured my knee in December so I wasn't at the gym for a while. Starting in January we really started talking and hanging out. We begin working out together almost everday. He would stand in the window of the aerobic classes and make fun of me.

In February... oh! You will just have to wait until the next post!

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Emily P. said...

um...I got married in July. If I'm the wedding you were talking about :)

Megan said...
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Meg O. said...

I love dating stories! How cute :)

Ashley Raven said...

I know what happened I know what happened!!!! I still like reading it though :)

Megan said...

hahah!you are such a little kid!