Our love story (part 2)

Here is the next installment of our love story. If you missed the first part, go here!!

So I'll start where I left off...

In February, we begin to talk a lot more. My birthday was at the end of the month and I asked him and some of the guys from the gym to go out with us the night of my birthday. He told me he was going out of town for a Disciple Now.

Throughout the night, we texted and I was realizing I was really sad he wasn't there. (I found out later he met a girl there and took her on a date a few weeks later. He said he thought I didn't like him so he was taking another girl out but didn't really like her at all. I think it was because he was already in love with me haha.)

The few months flew by. We continued to talk at the gym and text. I bought a new car and took him on a quick drive in the new wheels. I was trying to drop hints that I liked him (oh the silly games we play) and I was playing "Only you can love me this way" by Keith Urban while we were driving around.

Finally after months of talking and hanging out. In April, he finally tried to drop a hint that he wanted to take me on a date. Only I had no idea that was his plan.

He knows I love Dane Cook and he texted me one afternoon letting me know that Dane Cook was coming to town in June. Background info: I had told him that if a girl is not interested in a guy, she will usually suggest getting a group together when asked about a date. I had forgotten this backgroun info. So for my answer I said lets get a group together. My logic: He was asking me in April and the concert was in June, I thought if he wanted to take me out he should have asked me out for an earlier date.

So he thought I was not interested. Oh but I was!

Soon after this I went to visit my bestie in Cali with our other best friend.

The first night we were there, we went out and I sent him a text. We keep talking and then the next morning we texted the whole day. I couldn't wait until I got back in town to see him.

That week...

Oh you will have to wait again! Check back in soon!

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