First February Fun... craft

I was trying to find a word to use for craft that starts with "f" but I just couldn't. I wanted to complete 3 crafts for this month. My first one was a Valentine's Day Wreath and it took my about 4 days. Yes 4 days, I am slow.

First, I bought the supplies and set it up at my house.

Then I cut the burlap into three strips to wrap around the straw wreath. I wrapped these strips around the wreath and glued the fly parts onto the wreath.

Since I had a light colored burlap instead of the brown, I painted the letters spelling out "me + you". I did about two coats.

Next step was to put the letters on the wreath.

Friday was a snow day and it was a lazy day. I ripped out some pages (about 9) from some books I use to decoration, those pages won't be missed. 

I followed these instructions to make the flowers. Make sure to watch for ripping of the pages. The book I used was a really old book given away at our school library. Those pages were best because they didn't rip (they were thick). 

When you are gluing the flowers to the base, get the strongest glue you can at the craft store. I just picked up some glue, probably not the best, but it worked.

I added the glitter to the ends with glitter glue. I pasted the flowers on the wreath once the glitter dried.

Adding the twine to the wreath brought some more of a rustic look to it. I love how it turned out.

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Michelle said...

aww so cute! love it!

Ashley Raven said...

I'm obsessed with those flowers! I might need a special Malox tutorial :)