book review: Echo in the Darkness & As Sure as Dawn

Francine Rivers, Echo in the Darkness

I recently read the first one in this series by Francine Rivers and I had to buy the second and the third ASAP. She is a great Christian Fiction writer and I recommend her to everyone! Once I pick it up, I really want to hold on and finish it. It has also inspired me in my goal to give God the control of my life. The series walks through the lives of three characters all who are dealing with individual struggles.

Francine Rivers, As Sure as Dawn

Francine Rivers tells great stories in such a great way, I have been inspired by her and God has worked through her books to teach me a lesson. This book series is really an inspiration to me and I have learned so much and I have changed things about my life. The stubborn main characters in the last book of the series represents a lot of people in life. These people might have changed but they still had a lot to learn.

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