Country Strong... a little late

Last weekend, on Friday, my fiance and I went to a nice dinner (after an hour wait) at BJ's. Its new to our area so we needed to try it out. The food and atmosphere was great! Love date nights with the fiance!

After that, after I talked him into it, we went to see "Country Strong". Yes most people have given it a bad review, but I honestly really liked it.

The music was actually really good and of course Bo (Garrett Hedlund) was fun to look at!

Paltrow's role in the movie was a little smaller than I thought it was going to be. It ended up being a lot about Hedlund's character.

I can't wait to download the music n iTunes. But just a head's up for anyone who loved the music, there are two cds for the movie. One has people covering the songs in it and the other has the actual stars singing. The one with the right people (the actual stars) is titled "Country Strong (other music from the motion picture)".

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Cherish Stockdale said...

Good, I am glad you liked it I totally want to go see it! I was sad when the reviews weren't very good!