Christmas break part #3

Christmas is over but I loved every minute of it. Spending time with family and future family and friends. I wish I would never end. But it is over now and I still have an entire week left in my much needed break!

Monday!!! A great day. I went back to try on two dresses I really liked the first time I tried on wedding dresses. This day was a trunk show so there were more dresses and accessories there. I walked away with my dress!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited!!!!! It is beautiful and ended up being the first dress I tried on the first day. A bridesmaid and her mom and sister joined me and my mom there and she tried on a really pretty bridesmaid dress. I am sooooo happy that things are falling into place!

My mom and I then headed back to the property to hang out with my dad. We cleaned and organized the new log cabin. One night dad and I went hunting and I shot a doe. I had a horrible migrane and proceeded to be sick the rest of the night. It was not a fun thing at all.

I headed back the next day and fiance and I went to the Texas Bowl with my Baylor Bears!!!! Although they lost, it was a fun experience besides the rain and the wet clothes, it was great.

Thursday was a lot of fun! We headed over to the fiance's friends place and played with the Kinect, the new XBox 360 connection. Let me just say, I love my fiance's wonderful dancing skills!

Friday was full of cleaning and getting ready for the New Year's Eve celebration at my home. We had a few people over and played game and the Kinect again and waited for the new year to start! Such a great new year!!! I am getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait another 9 months to get married, it seems so far.

The last weekend of break we celebrated my mom's birthday as well as the new year. Fiance's immediate family always does the New Year's Day lunch and I cooked yams with marshmallows for the first time!

Great break! Didn't want to go back to work but I am glad I am back and getting some work done.

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