Christmas break part #2

Part 2!! My break continues to be great and relaxing.

In the middle of the first week of break, fiance and I went to my parent's property to help them move some stuff from the old trailer into the new log cabin. The new cabin looks great and I love it. I hated help clean it but it was fun. We headed back after one day and I had a Christmas movie night with my mom!! It was a lot of fun to hang out with my mom.

Friday was Christmas Eve!!! I love it because I was able to hang out with the family most of the day. Fiance and I exchanged gifts before family time. He gave me a new digital camera, it is pink!! And he got me a new gun case and some movies I have been wanting. I got him tickets to see his favorite basketball team play our home team! And some new shoes and some DVDs. Our tradition is to go to Candlelight service at our church and then head back to my parent's house with my Nana and her husband as well as my mom's brother's family. We opened presents and then I stay at my parent's house (for the last time since I will be getting married this October).

Christmas morning was so fun! We wake up, make hot chocolate and breakfast and then open gifts! After that fiance, my Nana, and her husband come over for lunch. Fiance and I then went and spent the afternoon with his family.

Sunday was Christmas celebration with fiance's extended family! Great times and great food!

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Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Great pictures! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! xoxo