A lovely Christmas weekend with the girls!

This weekend me and my friends from Baylor, AshleyEmily, and Jaclyn, went to Wimberly, TX. It was a great weekend of shopping, eating, and laughing.

Friday night we drove in and decided to exchange gifts and sat around and laughed. Our bed and breakfast was really nice and we had most of the house to ourselves.

Saturday we woke up and went to Market Days and I bought some really cute stuff. I want to go back and bring a basket so I can shop all day without hurting my arms!!! And of course had some great food outside in the cool weather.

We then drove to some wineries and Jac and Ash tasted a few good wines. I bought some cute stuff... appartently getting cash before you go on vacation makes you want to spend it.
Emily and her cute baby bump!

Saturday night, Em was craving steak and we drove into San Marcos and got some good Outback!!! Love it!

Had a great weekend with the girls but I wish I could see them again soon!!!! Love you girls!!!!

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