Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving week was great! It was a great whole week off and I got a lot done and got to spend time with some very important people.

The first weekend, my fiance and I went to my parent's property with them and hunted all weekend. It was a lot of fun and we saw tons of deer. We didn't shot anything this time but... look down near the bottom of the post.

Once we got back I was able to get a lot of yardwork and house work done around my new home because since school started it was put on the backburner. But I completed:
  • trimming the hedges,
  • putting in the tree spikes (fertilizer)... my tree looks wimpy compared to the others on the block
  • planting mums my mom got my for Thanksgiving decorations
  • taking down the fall decorations (at home and at school)
  • getting my boxes of Christmas decorations for my parent's house
  • organizing my "Santa's workshop"... all my wrapping and gifts
  • buying a few gifts
  • buying a Christmas tree
  • setting up Christmas decorations
  • starting on calendars and books on iPhoto
  • worked on guest list
  • re-arranged my binder of wedding stuff
  • lesson plans
  • grading
  • relaxing... watching shows I needed to catch up on
After all of this, it was time for Thanksgiving and I guess I am not a picture fanatic as much as I used to be (I promise I will get better) because I don't have any pictures up to this point of the Thanksgiving break.

Thanksgiving day was great, quality time with my family and my fiance. After a late lunch with my family, we traveled to see his Grandma and Mom in a town not to far away before we headed back to my parent's property for more hunting.

This weekend my fiance shot his first buck!!! I was really excited for him and he is now ready to relax on the hunting... he has been searching all season so far. It was a nice 8-point and he did a great job cleaning (while I watched) and he is working on the mounting.

After that we headed to his grandfather's house on the lake for a memorial service. His grandfather passed away recently and we had a ceremony with the immediate family at his lake house. We celebrated the lives of my fiance's dad, aunt, grandmother, and grandfather. It was a touching ceremony and a great time spent with his family.

my fiance's immediate family

The last day of break, we went to the Texans' game!!! A great ending to a great break. My brother had his company tickets and brought along a few clients. We arrived at the stadium at 8 in the morning!!! Way too early for my last day to sleep in. Then we set up our tailgate! My brother is a great cook and made breakfast tacos and then sausage dogs for lunch. Then we headed in for a great game against the Titans!

not prepared for this picture, sneaky iPhone camera
A GREAT WEEK!!! Can't wait for Christmas!!!

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