tasting the menu

On Wednesday afternoon, me, my fiance, and my mom all went to taste the menu we have come up with for the wedding. This was by far one of my favorite parts so far.

I think fiance just liked eating, he was quiet for the first part of the meal! The food was delicious and we decided on a lot of things like servers, bartenders, set-up, glasses, and place settings.
so this is what my plate looked like in the middle of eating, I forgot to take pictures before haha!

some of the appetizers, we are still deciding which ones they want. Fiance went to town on the Santa Fe Eggrolls
The final bill came out to be much less than I thought which makes me really happy!!!
Soooooo I have decided to keep my blog followers updated but I don't want to ruin all the surprises of my wedding so I will not give away what the menu is... but I will say it is going to be very satisfying and delicious!!!

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