Homecoming weekend... better late than never!

A few weeks ago, my fiance and I traveled to my parents property to begin work on a deer stand! I am amazing with a hammer by the way!!!

We also took a half day break and drove to Waco to see my friend Jaclyn and to watch the Baylor game!!! It was homecoming and I was nostalgic like always. We had lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Waco. Then we went to the game and saw a few friends at the tailgates.

Once in the stands we found a seat and then 1 and 30 seconds into the game, they called a rain delay. We decided to try and wait it out in the stands. While we were visiting with some friends we heard them say something about hail. I can stand some rain but I will not be pelted by hail. We went under the stands and waited along with all the other home-comers Then, the sky opened up and drenched everyone, even some under the stands!!!! We were trapped! It was actually kind of fun.

We decided to leave the game after that because we all had to drive a little ways home. But overall, a great time!

Paul and I got back to the property and had dinner with my family and continued working a little bit on the stand. We didn't finish but we will be going up there in the near future to complete it and paint it!!! (pictures to come another time)

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