A great concert!!!

On Saturday night, fiance and I went to a Lady Antebellum concert!!! It was a great show.

David Nail opened for them and he was great. We could have done without the ladies behind us who wouldn't stop talking. I don't understand why you would come to a concert and talk the whole time. Beats me....

The lead male singer of Lady A was very into the crowd. He spoke to the people up front, stole their scarfs, and drank their drinks (which is actually funnier than it is gross). He was a lot nicer than the lady who was trying to get people to adopt dogs at one of the booths... very rude lady. It is not nice to assume just because I won't hold a 7-month old lab, I am a bad dog owner. Not cool!

Overall a great and eventful night. The tickets were a gift to the fiance on our year and a half anniversary and then he popped the question so not as cool as I hoped they would be, but he assured me they were and he loved the concert.

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