Happy Belated Father's Day

Since I was not near a computer on Father's Day, I thought it was worth it to give my dad a belated Father's Day blog post in honor of him!
My dad is a great man, he is kind and hard-working and always there for me, mom and Matt. He was born in Wisconsin but moved to Texas when he was two. I still loves Wisconsin cheese though! He meet my mom when she was in high school and tried to run her down in a parking lot to get her to go on a date with him (which I think is really cute). They have been married for 31 years.
He owns his own business and it has something to do with re-building homes but the nature of the business changes all the time and I can't keep up with it. He loves being outside and working on some sort of project. He loves martinis and thinks he is James Bond haha! He is also a avid hunter and hunts whenever he gets the chance. Hunting and fishing are great father/daughter experiences and I love spending that time with him.

I look up to my dad and his dedication. I wish I could be more like him, more laid back but dedicated.

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