VATC surprise!

This weekend me and my girls from Baylor went to Oklahoma to surprise Ashley at her graduate school graduation. Ashley was so surprised and we actually pulled off the whole thing. It was great seeing the girls and we had a lot of fun.

Besides all the drive (14 total hours in a car) it was a blast! I can't wait to see them again and I hope I can see them more over the summer.

First, I met Emily and we headed towards Temple. We showed up to Jaclyn's apartment and then went out to dinner. We had a lazy night because we knew we had to get up in the morning.

The next morning we headed to Norman, OK to watch Ashley graduate. Jaclyn and Emily were so nervous that Ashley was going to catch us there. But we walked to our seats without getting caught. We sat with her family and once she came in we tried to yell our names so she would know that we were there but since she refuses to get contacts, she couldn't tell it was us. After a while she notices Emily's legs! haha. She realized the three of us were there and started crying.

We took some awesome pictures outside the graduation and then headed to a nice dinner with Ashley's dad. Her dad also booked a hotel for us to stay at. We had a girl's night involving girly conversation, present swapping, and ladder climbing. Always an adventure with these girls.

We then drove the long drive home back to Texas. I love these girls, they are so much fun to be around and I can't wait to see them again.

Here are the pictures I have as of right now, I am just waiting of Jac to send me hers. More to come later!

Here are some more pictures from this weekend. Thanks Jaclyn!!!

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